What Exactly Is The Nail Tech Org?

If you’re just stumbling across us now, then hey! Let us introduce ourselves. We’re the Nail Tech Org.

What exactly is the Nail Tech Org do you ask? In short, the Nail Tech Org is a safe online community for Nail Techs from around the world to learn, collaborate and share their content.

And we’re on a mission to become the world’s largest nail tech community, we hope you can come along the journey with us.

In 2020, Liverpool based nail technician Amy Guy, who has 8 years of experience in the nail industry, felt there was a huge opportunity to pull together and inspire nail technicians worldwide through a community based, supportive online platform, and so the Nail Tech Org was born.

Built on true community, Amy wanted this to be a safe online space for nail technicians to grow and learn together, regardless of their location, age, experience level or circumstances.

What does the Nail Tech Org provide?

To name a few (hello understatement), we provide affordable nail and nail art tutorials, an online community forum to connect and build relationships, ongoing business support, live group zoom classes and tutorials, guest artists, blog posts, product reviews, business growth 1-1 sessions and so much more.

We provide a social and working environment that canonly encourage growth and success in any nail technicians business, but don’t just take our word for it- we’ve seen it happen.

After uncertainty in the beauty community during the pandemic and the UK’s many lockdowns (don’t remind us), so many nail techs were worried and anxious about the future of their careers and we needed something to bring everyone together.

So we said hello to regular live masterclasses from nail technicians, which helped to bring people all over the world together, making them feel part of a team and reassuring them they were not alone.

During one of the most difficult times, members of the nail community felt inspired; by each other and by themselves. They finally had some time for self development, to make good decisions for themselves and for their businesses.

Mental health was becoming a main priority,  everyone started to care for each other and themselves. People turned to other local nail techs to reach out and support instead of compete, this before the pandemic had been almost unheard of.

What can be achieved through community far surpasses anything that can be achieved alone. The world of nails is a beautiful place to be, and if you are in the nail industry or wish to be a part of the nail industry and have somehow found yourself here, then grab a cuppa and stay for a while.

Welcome to the Nail Tech Org.

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