The Kit Items I Cannot Live Without! By Suzanne Nicolle

Hi, I’m Suzanne Nicolle! I’m writing my first ever blog & it’s for Amy Guy’s insanely successful new venture.. The Nail Tech Org. I’m not sure it’s going to sink in for quite a while, she’s been my inspo for years and now we are working together. Talk about dream come true!!

I really can’t quite believe it but here goes, my first blog…

I wanted to jump straight into must have products!! What is more important than your nail kit..? I mean our kit as nail technician, is like our LIFE our whole entire life is in our kits!

So I asked my fellow nail tech’s and asked them simply.. WHAT COULD THEY NOT LIVE WITHOUT?

& here is what the top trumps were!

(Don’t forget any Salons Direct items, you can get discount by entering NTORG at the checkout!!)

Starting with the most important, PREP. Get your prep perfect and everything else is a doddle!

Absolute must haves for any kit are a cuticle tool, cuticle nippers and scissors.

Click here to see Amy’s Beginners kit available to purchase on Salons Direct, with the prep tools also available seperately.

I personally use an efile for most of my prep which I will go into shortly, there is so many different drill bits to make your job easy for you!

Have a browse here … Salons Direct stock every single one you would need 😊

Builder Gel

Now this is the good stuff, the product soooo many cannot live without anymore!

Builder gel has become such a popular product, I used to do so many acrylics and now I can’t tell you how many of my clients now have builder gel!

The best way I describe it is, that it is like a thicker gel polish which is applied to the natural nail. It helps strengthen nails and most importantly gives those who are looking to grow their nails an opportunity to do so as the product has such a good strength to it that it protects the nail and allows it to grow without snapping… what could be better than that?!

Glossify Naturabuild

Blooming gel

Now then… this product is definitely a dark horse!

There is so many things you can do with this product, the list is simply endless.

It is a clear gel you apply to nails, you add a colour in and just watch the magic happen 😊 I’ve linked it below!

Glossify – Smudge

Cuticle Oil/Balm

You may not think this product is as essential as it is, but I promise you it is.

Nothing quite beats the glossiness of your clients hands after they have been moisturised with a lovely smelling cuticle oil or balm once you have finished your craft!
As the process of doing nails includes filing and cutting cuticles etc, it is sooo important to replenish their cuticles with either an oil or balm. Plus, it makes your pictures look tons better, they’d look unfinished without it!

Click here for cuticle oils!


Now this product isn’t for everyone but coming from a personal perspective it is a product I could not do my job without!

They’re unfortunately portrayed as scary due to being used in the wrong ways or haven’t been used by someone who is trained. If you were to invest in a good efile, it will save your arms, back and shoulders in years to come. Hand filing is good to perfect the shape of nails etc, however an efile is amazing for prep and debulking.

You can completely debulk a design set in under 10 minutes… hand filing used to take me at least 30! Time is money my friendsssss…

Anyway, it may not be for everyone but I promise you now with the right training it will change your life!!

Click here for the rose gold Saeyang e-file!

Brillbird Art Gels

I can’t tell you how much this product has helped me personally in my nail art! & I’m sure I speak for all those who use Brillbird’s products that it is an absolute game changer.

How frustrating is it when you’re creating a nail and the line you’ve made isn’t pigmented enough? Then if you do a second coat it’s too bulky?

Well look no further.. Brillbird have saved all of our days!

They have the signature winners, the black & brush and go gels but they’ve recently brought out some gorg’ glitter gels too! They are just heaven in a pot (love heart eye emoji)

Brush & Go Brillbird (Use code NTORG for Discount)

Stick It

Well well well, this product! It is that popular, in lockdown it came in as quick as it went out! We sold it out so many times.

It is such a brilliant product and is without a doubt a product you have to have in your kit.

You can use it to create gorgeous patterns, lines or little details. It has a really tacky layer which you can then apply a foil of choice, pull away and you’re left with shiny goodness!!

If you haven’t got it already… you need to!


I think this product speaks for itself, there is endless amounts of foils out there!

Applied to a tacky layer of any product you use you can create gorgeous nails with any type of foil, used in any type of way. They so affordable and really easy to use, so you can buy a ton and create as  many gorgeous sets as you want!

Dust Brush

This is a personal can not live without!

I absolutely love my lush brush, for some reason I always call it my plush brush.. don’t ask!

I love how it can be sanitised and the fine bristles get all that unwanted dust off the nail, it’ll be your best friend.. believe me!

Click Here!

Clean Up Brush

Finishing off with this beauty of a tool!

This may not seem much, but it will be your absolute saviour. A clean up brush will save you when you’re doing a bomb ass design and you slightly go too far or you smudge it slightly… whack your clean up brush out, dab it into some IPA/Acetone and drain slightly then clean away the bit you don’t want and BOOM you’re back!!

You won’t regret it… & on that note that’s all our must have products to date!

BQAN Brushes

For any kind of nail art, you need a nail art brush! Or three..

All sizes will help you with different styles of work, it depends on what you are creating.

Top tip, trim them at the root with some cuticle nippers to make the brush thinner. This will make your work more defined!
Pricier brushes are just as good but for the price of these you really can’t complain can you?

The Gel Bottle Inc

Another very popular builder gel in the industry is BIAB by The Gel Bottle.

They also do a huge range of gel colours, salon essentials etc too.

The Gel Bottle BIAB

Navy Pro Tools

I mean, doesn’t just the name of this brand say it all? It just oozes professionalism.

The Navy Team have created the most flawless of all nail tools ever!! They currently stock a gorgeous range of different tools to help you perfect your prep. They are all beautiful in their own ways, check out their page link below.. thank us later!

PREP IS KEY, investing in good tools will honestly pay for itself. The proof is in the pudding darlings!

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