How Much Should You Be Paying For A Nail Tech Course?

Say hello to your first hurdle when starting your nail tech journey. How much should I be paying for my training?

Without a doubt, the training you decide to take as a nail tech is a crucial step in your journey, just like with any other career path. When you take a step back and try to work out how much you should be paying, you need to think of the whole thing as an investment. 

What you put in, you’re going to get back. 

And as obvious as it sounds, you’re going to be paying a higher price for a higher quality service. Now is not the time to take a shortcut, or take the cheaper option, because *spoiler alert* you are most likely to receive lower quality training and be back to square one, two months later.

When you do a simple search for nail tech courses, you will be faced with the cheaper options, the full time college courses and then something a little all-inclusive like what we offer, and we aren’t afraid to big ourselves up.

Our course not only gives you the qualification you need to complete high quality and insurable gel nail treatments, but also supports you in building a successful nail business that right now, you could only dream of having.

With your very own dedicated educator providing 1-1 support and guidance, a VIP face-to-face practical day experience and an abundance of positivity, encouragement and mentorship, our nail course is your one way ticket to a true transformation that will skyrocket you into your new career.

Our course includes three months of the highest quality training, including 1-1 VIP education, a full professional nail kit, business plan advice, assignments and assessments, the foundations you need as the successful nail technician you are growing to be.

If you are ready to start a new career that brings you happiness and fulfillment, explore your creative energy and finally follow your dreams, welcome to the Nail Tech Org. 

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