42 Halloween-Ready Spooky Nail Designs

Spooky season is finally upon us, and for nail techs that means one thing, and one thing only… The spooky nail designs are back and even better than last year- take our word for it.

Whether you’re going sweet and simple or all-out-gory this year, switching up your nails is the perfect way to compliment your costume or upgrade your every day look.

If you’re looking for some inspo on what to go for this year (and we’re talking having these all month long, not just the 31st of October) then you’re in the right place.

We’ve rounded up 42 of our favourite Halloween-ready designs, and even grouped them into three creepy categories. Happy scrolling!

Bloody-great Nails

Dripping blood nail designs are a staple in any nail techs portfolio, and make a great low-key yet super on-theme option for those who want to embrace the Halloween spirit, but not go OTT.

Try using a classic cherry red or go rogue with a burgundy, black, or even glittery red, you won’t regret it.

Pumpkin Vibes

Unlike the hassle and faff of carving the real thing, pumpkin nails are a big vibe for Halloween.

You can literally customise this design in any way you want.

Add as a small motif to a simple nail, go abstract with a pick n mix set or go completely rouge and make it chrome.

Whichever avenue you decide to go down, a pumpkin nail design is sure to turn heads and get you ready for the spooky season.

Gorg Ghosts

We never thought we would say that ghosts are cute, but here we are, and we have no shame in saying it.

These ghosty nail designs are so up our street, and are the perfect way to add that Halloween touch to your manicures this month.

Stick with a simple (but never boring) white ghost, or go rogue and make it your own with chrome, you’re going to be obsessed.

Just as obsessed as us? If you said yes, then what are you waiting for! It’s recreation time!

It’s time to dig out your favourite polishes and get creative with your own nails and of course, your clients. When your client comes to you with a complete blank mind but is in the mood for something spooky, you now have all the inspo you’ll ever need.

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