Crete: The Retreat 2024

monday 17th june – friday 21st june 2024

The ultimate 5 day luxury experience that accelerates stressed-out
nail techs to £5k+ months whilst halving their working time
through strategic systems, magical mindset and marketing mastery.

ready to become a profitable nail tech without being held captive to your nail desk?

Take a moment to feel into what it would feel like to be fully supported, shown how to achieve consistent £5k months and create lifelong friendships.

Feel into what that would really do for you & your business.


Being able to be at peace whilst you know all your bills are paid for.

Being able to make that purchase you’ve been eyeing up.

Being able to say “this is my treat” at the next family meal.

Being able to pick up the phone to a fellow nail bestie when you need support.

Being able to book the dream summer holiday from your vision board. 

You’re moments away from all of this and so much more…

Just simply a WOW experience – Not only have I received extensive training to help my business grow but I’ve walked away with new lifelong nail besties

– Jessica dermody

This is for the nail technician who…

  • Knows they are capable of achieving so much more but at the moment are on a hamster wheel juggling clients, family, life (basically all the things..)
  • Wants to not ever have to worry about their bills, savings or how they are going to pay for a family holiday but needs support with strategizing and pricing for £5k months
  • Wants to be the nail tech who stands out in the industry but lacks the clarity on how to market yourself and your business
  • Wants to give their clients a 5* experience every single time but struggles with knowing which systems and tech is right for their business
  • Wants to stop feeling isolated and is open to creating new lifelong friendships with other nail techs

An unforgettable journey awaits you at The Nail Tech Org Crete Retreat. Join Amy & Sneha AND your new business besties at a luxury 5* hotel, across a life-changing 5 days designed to transform and transcend your life & business. You’ll leave with an executable solid plan so that £5k+ months are your new normal, tailored advice from your mentors and the right mindset to set yourself up for success.

nothing changes if nothing changes…

Before you even get on the plane, you’ll complete an extensive strategy questionnaire so that we can get clear on what success looks like for YOU in business and life. 

Armed with this information, you’ll be ready to absorb 2.5 days of intense high level curriculum covering:

With your newfound clarity & vision, you will be ready to absorb 3 days of intense, high level curriculum covering:


Discover your true ‘meaning’ so your life, goals and actions are aligned and you have clarity on what’s next for you

Recap on your story so far and understand the special things that make you, YOU

Learn more about your unique strengths and how you can leverage this in business


Gain clarity on how much you need to take home each month

Understand how to profitably price your services

Evaluate your current pricing lists and create new ones

• Understand how to create achievable goals to have financial freedom


Understand how to market effectively

How to create content that hits the spot and brings in dreamy new clients

How to maximise the earning potential from your your existing clients


Managing and scheduling your time for success

Understand what systems you need in your business and how the right systems can help you bring in clients on repeat

Learn how to create a signature 5* client experience using tech + automations

but don’t just take it from us…

“I loved every minute of the retreat – the pricing training was my favourite! It was SO valuable because without it, I would have no idea where to start in order to achieve my goals. It has helped me become confident in my pricing if anyone does question it!”

Natasha Solanki

“For the first time in 2 years, I FEEL CONFIDENT! I feel more myself than I have in a very long time. I took so much away from every single training session – The pricing exercise was an absolute gamechanger. I feel completely in my element with my social media now that I have clarity on my marketing. Systems were not something I thought I needed in my solo business but I DO! I know exactly what to implement so that my business runs smoothly without me working 24/7.”

– Beth Lewis

“I have nothing but praise for Amy and Sneha. I am going to stop holding myself back, waiting for the approval of others and just go for it! I LOVED the sessions on how to budget, set prices and how to strategically create content that converts.”

– Louise Bowd

what is included?

premium food

Breakfast and lunch time meals are included and prepared for you each day. You will also be invited to an exclusive welcome dinner experience upon arrival which is also included. Evening meals are not included, as following each training day, you will be allocated free time to explore and enjoy the dining options in the hotel or local area.

[80% of your food is included]

training with nto business manager & strategist, sneha

Access to The Nail Tech Org’s secret sauce and Amy’s right hand. When she’s not running her own successful multi 6-figure business, she is mapping out all of Amy’s ideas and vision; ensuring that we have the right team, systems and structure in place to bring them to life. Sneha will be on hand throughout the retreat to share her business brains and supportive systems with the group.

high level training

You’ll experience 4 high level training sessions, where you’ll be guided through your business mindset, time & money management, systems, marketing and much more. You will be asked to complete an onboarding document prior to the retreat, and so all training will be tailored especially for those who join us and what they wish to learn and achieve.

training work pack

You’ll receive all of the stationary you need, including our exclusive retreat work pack with the tools, templates and extraordinary exercises you’ll be taken through.

5 star accomodation

Spend 5 days of peace & relaxation in our luxury 5* hotel, Crete. Perfectly chosen by Amy, who flew to multiple destinations to find the perfect venue for the experience.
With its 3 beautiful pools, private beach, spa, gym, yoga pavilion, private gardens and some breathtaking, hidden spaces (it’s a surprise!!) we have truly found the idyllic home for the special memories we are about to make.


retreat welcome box

Before you catch your flight, you’ll receive an extra special gift box in the post. A significant gesture that will mark the beginning of the incredible journey ahead of you.

relaxation & rejuvination

Use this opportunity to completely unwind; we’ve allocated plenty of free time during your trip to explore the island’s beaches, go for beautiful dinners or simply relax at the pool.

lifelong friendships

Create meaningful friendships as you finally meet the nail techs who form the community that has led you here today. Your new inner circle that will share this intimate part of your journey as you bond through experience and grow together.

personalised group meditation and visualisation

Nestled in the hotel’s private beach, take a moment to connect with yourself as you move through this expansive meditation and visualisation with your new nail besties

private yoga session

The perfect way to start the day with your new nail besties at our very own yoga pavilion and yoga instructor. An opportunity for you to align the mind, body and soul before another day of high-level business training


luxury 5 star private yacht experience

Get ready to be treated like absolute royalty with your new nail besties on your very own private yacht exploring the idyllic coastline of Crete. We will create moments that will mark the beginning of a new future for you and your business.


“The past version of you is cheering for you. The future version of you is counting on you. And the version of you right now is so capable of the thing you’re telling it you can’t do.”

Secure your place today. Do it for every version of you

your retreat inclusions





A truly mind blowing experience awaits us and it is an honour to bring an experience like this to the nail industry for the second year running.

Those lucky enough to complete this journey will hold the secret forever, and go on to tell the tale of the ‘Nailcation’ that truly changed their life.

This is going to be so special.

Let’s make some memories!

See you in Crete!

Amy x

frequently asked questions


Is this retreat right for me?

We have two completely different retreat experiences, so it’s important that you choose the correct one for where you’re up to in your journey, in order for the training to be effective for you right now. The Nail Tech Org reserves the right to move you onto a different experience or ask for more information from you, if we believe the one you have chosen will not be effective for you – this is solely for the benefit of you and your business.

This Crete retreat is for nail techs who work alone, from a home salon, mobile or rent a space. This experience is designed to give you the tools to earn consistent £5k months in your nail business, stand out in your industry, create a strong and profitable business that allows you to create a plan for the next steps you wish to take.

Are flights and transfers included?

No, flights and transfers are not included. You will be responsible for booking your own flights and travel arrangements to the hotel and back.

Can we choose in advance who we share with?

Please let us know in your onboarding form and we will do our very best to accommodate.

What if I don't want to share a room?

Please let us know as soon as you have claimed your spot and we will get in touch with the hotel to arrange this. Please note, there will be an additional cost of a minimum of £400.

Will I still be supported as it is a larger group?

After 3 years inside our incredible community, we know from experience that what we can create and achieve together, far surpasses anything that can be achieved alone.

A larger group of people brings a larger variety of experience, knowledge and friendship, all of which you will benefit from alongside your training. The sessions will still be intimate and supportive. We’ve got you!

Will you be able to cater to my dietary requirements?

Yes, please let us know when you check out and we will let our suppliers know.

Is the retreat inclusive and accessible to all?

Yes – Amy has personally visited the hotel to ensure that it is accessible for all. If you have any special requirements, please let us know and we will be more than happy to accommodate.

Will I know beforehand who else is in the group?

Yes – we will create a private group where you can ‘meet’ each other, buddy up for travel and start making friends!

After I purchase, can I get a refund or exchange?

All sales are final and no refunds are provided.