How to Make Your Nail Art Business Stand Out

If you’re new in the nail technician world or need a helping hand with your existing business, you’re in the right place. ‘How do I stand out’ is a question on everybody’s mind right now, thanks to the growth of the nail community (which we always love to see) and therefore spread of clients in certain areas.

First of all, do not panic. There are and will be enough clients to go around for every nail tech, wherever you are. So do not, and we repeat, do not, let this be a factor in deciding against becoming a nail tech.

We believe in the more the merrier, and we can all learn a thing or two from each other in this industry, whether we actively seek it out or not.

However, if you’re stuck in a slump and want to bump up your clientele, there are a few things we would suggest to help your nail art business stand out.

Keep reading to find out…

Offer a wider range of services

Offering a wide range of services will definitely make you stand out as a nail tech.

Mastering every skill we know is tough, and we’re not asking you to do this.

It could be something simple like adding on a hand massage and scrub onto the end of appointments (we’ve listed all the best ways to elevate your services here), or having a 2-in-1 mani and pedi option. Investing in your skills and therefore services, will help you stand out for sure.

Find your niche

Whether it’s bridal manicures, or manicures for men, having a niche may bring in a whole new clientele you didn’t have before.

Compared to other nail techs in your area, you may be providing a specific, tailored service that they may not offer.

Build your online presence

We all know that although very important, word of mouth will only get you so far.

Building and growing your online presence on social media will help you stand out as potential clients will see your work on their feeds and FYPs, and then (hopefully) lead to full books.

Next time you’re in an appointment (with a clients permission), get out your tripod and film the process.

We all know that video content is soaring right now on social media, so the more videos you post, the more likely you’ll get seen on socials.

Take your skills to the next level

As a nail tech, there’s always something new to learn.

Whether it’s a new technique or trend, how to use a new product, or a new service to add on to your existing ones, there’s never a moment where you can’t be learning.

Here at The Nail Tech Org, The Expert Experience is the perfect course for existing, qualified nail techs to take, to expand into excellence, and become an expert nail technician.

Choose quality products

Like we always say here at The Nail Tech Org, what you invest in, you’ll get back in other ways.

Choosing, and investing in quality products and tools will set you apart from the crowd as clients who want to also invest in themselves, won’t mind paying a more premium price for your services, with the quality products you provide.  

Run deals and promotions

As much as we don’t want you to underpay yourself by any means, running deals and promotions will definitely help you stand out in your area, and then gain clients for life.

We don’t mean doing gel sets for £5, we mean maybe offering 5-10% off for new customers, and then another 10% off on their 6th set.

Meaning they will stay with you and beyond their discounted set.

Another great deal you can run is creating loyalty cards, so giving clients an incentive to come back to you consistently, and with this, you have the freedom to pick any incentive you want!

Starting your career or just want to level up in the nail industry? Browse our courses right here.

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