How To Clean Your Nail Art Brushes

One of the most common questions we see in the nail industry is ‘how do I clean my nail art brushes?’ Sure, it might seem obvious to some nail techs, but the rest of us are still here wondering how to do it, and do it properly.

Taking care of your tools, the right way, is the absolute key to making them last literally years, so in the long run, saving you money and a lot of stress.

Your gel brushes can end up misshapen, ruined, worn-out and dry if not properly maintained, so cleaning them properly is a step you need to be taking.

Scroll to discover your guide to cleaning and keeping them working their best for longer, saving you money and making a better impression on your clients.


When simply cleaning between one colour and the next, it’s probably enough to dry wipe them on a lint-free pad.

But, if you feel you need a little extra help, or the colour is a little more pigmented and stubborn, simply run them through your base coat and gently wipe lint free wipe until all the colour is out, leaving a tiny amount of base coat on the brush.

Leaving a bit of base coat on your brush will help the strands keep their form and stop them from drying out.

In absolutely no circumstances should you reach for your acetone at this step. Why? Because acetone is way is too harsh for them and will ultimately dehydrate the strands of your brushes, resulting in them curling up or fanning out, and nobody wants that.

Fixing dehydrated brushes

Got a dehydrated nail brush you think is beyond repair? We’ve all been there. If you’ve gone to town with harsh brush cleaners like acetone then your brushes are most likely going to be super dry and sticking out all over the place.

To fix them, heat up some water in the kettle, pour it into a mug and then run brush through it. The hot water will help to straighten out the brush and make it like-new again!


Storing your brushes correctly is an easy way to maximise their life. Once you are done using a brush, simply wipe it clean with a lint-free pad and then run it through a bit of clear base coat until it runs clear, making sure to keep a bit of gel still on the brush.

Always keep the lid on, or in a dark place (away from UV light) to stop it from curing in this process.

Doing this will keep your brushes from stiffening and becoming dry and unusable.

Got a top tip for cleaning brushes that we missed? Leave it in the comments!

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