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A growing library of nail tutorials (plus 2 new uploads per week)
Our library of professionally recorded nail art tutorials currently features over 100 lessons, all categorised into individual courses for you to complete and watch back in your own time. The library covers everything from prep and application, to intricate hand drawn nail art designs, and everything in between. With a minimum of 2 new courses added to the library every week.

A monthly masterclass with a guest expert
Each month we invite an industry expert to join us for an exclusive live or pre recorded masterclass. Each class is in depth, includes full product lists and has a break down of each technique. This is an amazing opportunity to hear the journey of successful nail artists and any questions you may have, leaving you feeling motivated and inspired after every class.

Nail Tech community news feed and forums
Imagine a social media platform that has a newsfeed of like-minded, supportive, talented and inspiring nail technicians ONLY!
Enter… The Nail tech Org!!
Here, you can create your own member profile, uploaded pictures of your work, link your social media accounts, upload statuses and comment/like each others work. This is a great place to come to to network with other professionals, make new friends and seek support or guidance should you ever need it.

Blogs & industry insight
With new monthly blogs, features & industry insights you will always have new articles to read and new blog posts to explore. In this section you can expect to see discussions on new products/services within the industry, expert stories and biographies PLUS exciting features from some of our ambassadors.

Exclusive brand discount codes
We’ve partnered with some of the leading brands in the nail industry to bring you exclusive discount codes to be used on all of their products and services. Here you can get discounts off products, courses and merchandise simply for being one of our NTO members. Brands include Salons Direct, Glossify and BrillBirdUK.

A monthly live masterclass with Amy Guy
Once per month, you can enjoy a friendly and supportive live masterclass with Amy Guy, covering trends, techniques and designs chosen by you, our members. Amy’s open and informative learning style means you are guaranteed to learn new things each time AND have fun whilst you’re there. All live classes are recorded and uploaded to the learning library to watch at a later date if you miss them.

A monthly business pack (includes a focused business building webinar, guest experts, ebooks, guides & support on a different topic each month)
We understand that the role of a nail tech is so much more than just ‘doing nails’ so we have created the monthly business pack. This is a NEW feature, which encourages you to focus on a different area of your business each month and how you can grow within that space. Each pack is saved in a monthly folder and will include specific webinars, ebooks, guides, guest expert sessions, Q&As and more, exclusive to gold members only. You have access to each folder for the lifetime of your membership, so if you miss anything in the moment or need to recap, you can access it at any time!

Additional library of social media & business building tutorials
You’ll receive an additional tutorial library which includes business & social media specific training. Each module is created with nail techs in mind and can support in areas like building social media followings, setting your prices, marketing your business, etc.

PLUS Access to our bonus sections (includes weekly workouts with a PT, wellness sessions, meditation videos and more!)
Our bonus sections are for those who wish to take that extra daily motivation from their membership. For example, we have 2 weekly workout classes with a PT that you can do from your own home, added to a library each week which you can access at any time. We offer videos on meditation, mindfulness, wellbeing, and more! New bonuses can also be added at any time, if we think there is something out there that our gold members will benefit from – we’ll throw it in and surprise you!

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