4 Reasons Why You Should Join A Nail Art Community

As nail techs, we will admit, sometimes it can be a lonely career. 

If you’re self-employed and work alone, the hustle and bustle of clients in and out of your doors may often be your only contact all day. And as much as we love our clients, we’re not necessarily destined to have things in common with each client, especially when it comes to nail knowledge. And we wouldn’t expect them to. 

Having their nails done could be their one self care treat of the month, and talking about the ins and outs of nail techniques and products is probably the last thing on their mind. 

That’s where a nail community can come in, and be your online (sometimes in-person) best friend. Joining, and being an active member, of a nail community can bring a whole host of positivity, learning, education and support to your career. 

And being a part of The Nail Tech Org is the #1 place to be, if you’re looking for a no-judgement, all-learning, positivity community to be a part of.

Ready to join but need a little more convincing, or debating the reasons why you should consider it in the first place? Scroll to discover 4 reasons why you should join a nail community.

You Can Learn From Others

As a nail tech, there’s only so much you can learn from your course, inner circle, and instagram following.

Being a part of a nail community is like having your very own personal nail google at your fingertips.

You can learn new, tried-and-tested techniques from each other, ask questions and get answers in literally minutes, and get instant feedback on techniques and looks you’ve tried.

Got an urgent question you can’t find on google? Your nail community will instantly be there for you. 

Get Inspiration

Similar to writer’s block, us nail techs can struggle from time to time and end up in a creative rut.

We’ve all been there, endlessly scrolling Instagram to find new trending designs and techniques for our clients.

Being a part of a nail community means that you can get new ideas from a diverse group of professionals and spin off their ideas into new designs for your own clients.

Here at The Nail Tech Org, we’re all about fresh new ideas and taking inspo from each other.

Promote Your Work

Joining and being active in an online nail community is the perfect way to share your content, designs, and your business with other like-minded people.

A nail community is basically a personal hype man in your pocket.

If you need a little pick me up when you’re not feeling confident about a design, your nail community is always there to bring you up, and offer constructive criticism when needed.

It can also help you gain new followers, new clients and awareness around your business. Win-win!

Find Support

A nail community is the perfect place to make like-minded friends.

Ones who actually get (and personally go through) the struggles of nail-tech life, and can help you guide your way through similar problems.

We all know we can get support and advice from our close circle of family and friends, but there’s only so much they can say, when they haven’t been through it themselves. 

Ready to join the best nail community in the world? You’re in the right place.

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