‘Tori.Nailed it’ Talks Kylie Jenner & Chaun Legend instagram experience!

Hey Tori!!! 

It’s so lovely to have you with us and we are SO excited for your tutorial!!!!

First of all, we would love to get to know you better!! Tell us a little about you..

“Hey! Thank you for having me! I am so so excited!! So in a nutshell, I’m 19 years old from Chester, and I started doing nails in September last year. I have always been unsure on what I wanted to do with my future until I went on my first nail course at North West Training college, and then something clicked and then I just new! I had hoped within 5 years of starting I would be working with big brands, potentially teaching and maybe even having my own line of products. But the past week has let me know that that might all happen a lot sooner than I expected! Which I am so grateful for! “

Amazing!! So, please tell us all about your recent KYLIE JENNER experience!! Where were you when you suddenly seen ‘Kylie Jenner has mentioned you in her story’?!?! 😂😩
“ I was actually fast asleep in bed when Kylie posted the story that blew up my instagram! All my friends kept trying to call me to wake me up, but I have my phone on do not disturb so no one could get hold of me! One of my friends rang my boyfriend telling him what had happened, luckily he was awake, so got out of bed in the car and drove all the way to my house at 1am to wake me up to tell me. I was half asleep when he ran into my house and I genuinely thought I was getting burgled 🤣 he came running up stairs shouting “TORI TORI OMG, YOU WONT BELIEVE THIS, KYLIE JENNERS HAD YOUR NAILS DONE AND TAGGED YOU ON HER STORY, YOUR INSTAS GONE MAD” I was in complete shock and the first words I said was “am I dreaming?” I could not believe it, I almost threw up with excitement and shock, and I felt like I was floating for a good few days, I never would have thought something like this would have happened to me! “

Who was the first person you told?! 🙊
“ It was more like every one was telling me 🤣 considering I was half asleep when it happened!! I woke up absolutely flooded with messages from my all friends trying to wake me up, and so many lovely messages from so so many people congratulating me it was so so heart warming! “

We are not suprised those nails were seen and shared by Kylie & Chaun… they are INSANE!!! And you are so talented.. What are your favourite looks to create and where do you get your inspiration from?
“Thank you so so much! 🥰 I love anything with a french tip / smile line or anything abstract! I love to pull inspiration from everywhere! I love finding patterns on Pinterest and in catwalk books, I also take inspiration from nail techs such as @joelyoceannails, @gelsbybry @bysarah___ and of course @chaunlegend himself! Even if I don’t take direct inspiration, just looking at their pages and recognising their creativity gets my creative mind going! “

How have you found lockdown? What have you done to stay motivated?
“ The third lockdown has been tough, not being able to see friends and family properly still a whole year on, not being able to get to the gym or work has effected me! But I’ve tried to utilise the time off to really work hard and perfect my nail art skills and build up my portfolio! It has definitely got me through! “

What advice would you give to anybody wanting to stand out online & get noticed by huge artists/accounts?
“My advice would be to make what you do and love a priority, and keep consistent! You get out what you put in, work hard, you will be rewarded! “

If you could go back in time to the beginning of your nail journey and tell yourself anything, what would it be?
“Don’t ever think it won’t happen to you. I have always admired people who have had amazing opportunities and would always think, that will never happen to me. And it did! You have to believe in yourself too! Something new I think everyone should try is manifesting!! It was never something I believed in, until I was talking to a friend about something related to wanting to be recognised. And within 24 hours, Kylie had had my nail design done and blew my Instagram up with just a single story! Maybe a coincidence, but this isn’t the first time something good has happened, after hoping for it the day before, so who knows!
Oh and one last thing, never give up.”

What’s your favourite thing about being a nail tech?
“I can’t pick just one! I absolutely love the community, everyone I have spoken to is so selfless and supportive and it is so nice to see! I also love the endless ways to show your creativity, and being able to challenge yourself, and try new ideas and designs!”

What is next for Tori nailed it!? And have your plans now changed since the whole Kylie experience?!
“My life has been a complete whirlwind since the Kylie experience! I already have a few exciting things lined up which shall all be revealed soon!”

Its been amazing to chat to you, and we are delighted that youve had this wonderful experience.. you truly deserve it!! 
“Thank you for having me! And thank you for the support! I am so overwhelmed, in the best way!”

We can’t wait to see your tutorial!

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