Meet Our Member Of The Month – @beautybyroshnichouhan

Here at the Nail Tech Org we are literally obsessed with our growing community of insanely talented Nail Technicians, from all around the world. Let us introduce you to our Member of the Month for October 2022….

Hello @beautybyroshnichouhan !

Tell us a little bit about you!

Hey, I’m Roshni but people know me as Rosh.

I have been a qualified nail tech since 2021 which I am absolutely loving!!

I am a part time Nail Tech as I work full time at my local hospital as an assistant. 

My salon is home based in the heart of Leicester and my clients love it as they feel it’s an experience rather than just going to “get the nails done”.

How did you get into nails?

As a kid, I loved drawing a lot (it was my passion) but as I grew older I loved having nails painted or done because I felt I was able to put my passion into my nails.

However, during the COVID pandemic (I was WFH from my full time job), on a Wednesday night, I saw a fellow nail tech who I follow @nailchark (she literally lives not far from me) mention Amy Guy and I went on her profile and she happen to have lockdown lives!!

I thought OMG great; doing those classes made me love nails even more and I felt I learnt loadS. So, during those lockdown lives, I took on the journey to train in the Beginners Gel Polish Course in 2021. 

Since that day I qualified….the rest is history! I hope one day I could make this a full time commitment because it’s an element that I really enjoy and brings out my creativity.

What’s your fave thing about The Nail Tech Org?

I’ve been with The Nail Tech Org since it launched because as mentioned I was part of the lockdown lives from the start (technically an OG right here).

When Amy said about The Nail Tech Org..I had to jump on board.

Since the launch of The Nail Tech Org, I love that me as a Nail Tech can connect with other fellow Nail Techs, like that support, encouragement and help can go such a long way! I felt, it was a really good way to also make friends and it was great at the NTO event I got to actually see them in person (you get to make so much nail besties).

Furthermore, I love how I can learn so much in regards to current nail trends and really gives so much knowledge. This is why I love it so much!!!!

What’s your favourite course you’ve done with us?

Ooo it has to be 2, The Expert Experience and The Builder Gel Breakthrough. I have loved these courses!!

There are areas within those courses that was not actual taught during my beginner gel polish course in 2021.

Besides, I loved the chemical theory of the products..I felt like I was back in my science lesson (this was my favourite subject hahaha). 

What are your favourite kind of nails to do?

My favourite kind of nails to do has to be florals, or abstract swirls!

I honestly cannot wait for autumn because these sets are completely changed to match the colours of the season!!

Tell us about a holy grail product in your kit.

My holy grail product has to be Glossify Naturabuild.

This is because, the builder gel flows so easily into the natural nail that I practically do not need to do so much work with it. It’s probably the most unique builder gel out there so far.

My favourite colours has to be between Nude and Porcelain.

If you could sum up The Nail Tech Org in just 3 words, what would they be?

Success, Friends, Support.

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  1. Thank you so so much for having me as your October member of the month! Honestly, this platform has been a life changer. The amount of lovely fellow nail techs I’ve met has been incredible. The support that not only you but other nail techs give is incredible. I cannot wait for what the future holds because I know it will be epic ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Love you all xxx