Meet Our Member Of The Month – @thatbeautyplace_

Here at the Nail Tech Org we are literally obsessed with our growing community of insanely talented Nail Technicians, from all around the world. Let us introduce you to our Member of the Month for April 2022….

Hello Vicky from @thatbeautyplace_ !

Tell us a little bit about you!

My name is Vicky and some of you may have seen me as @thatbeautyplace_ on insta.  

I’m 39 (just!) and live in Colchester, Essex with my husband, two kids and sausage dog!  

I’ve been working from home as a self employed PA for the last 5 years and before that worked as a PA for a Children’s Mental Health Team in the NHS. 

I’ve always worked within admin, but really it’s something I fell into after college and I have always felt more destined for a creative career.

How did you get into nails?

I absolutely loved doing my nails from a young age. 

I remember when I was around 8 years old, I had a bottle of bottega green polish and would sit and do my nails, but not like most 8 year olds getting it everywhere, I would sit and redo them over and over until they were perfect!  Then when I was a young teen I would buy press on and glue on nails and finally, when I was earning a decent wage at 18 years old, I would get my nails done every 3 weeks at a salon.

During lockdown I started noticing and following nail accounts on instagram and soon brought my first kit online and started doing my own nails. 

My friends would comment and say how good they looked and I kept hearing ‘you should go into nails, you’re so creative’.  I’d been looking at quite a lot of courses with other brands and salons but none felt quite right for me. 

Then along came a 3 hour virtual live event with NTO – How to become a nail tech – I thought I’d sign up and see what it was all about.  It felt quite surreal being on an event with girls I’d followed for months and it was a real fan girl moment being in the presence of all the educators! 

Towards the end of the event Amy made the big reveal of an Exclusive Beginners Gel Journey and all it offered, I found myself saying YES to everything Amy was saying and it honestly felt like fate that I’d not signed up to anything before this.  So I ended the event and signed up within minutes.  Now I’m about to have my garage converted into a beauty room and I’m so excited for what’s to come.

What’s your fave thing about The Nail Tech Org?

The community is amazing, feeling supported is a huge thing for me on this journey and all the other girls are always on hand for any advice or words of wisdom. 

We all share our high points but it’s also a safe place to share any wobbles and worries.

How did you find the beginners course with The Nail Tech Org?

I absolutely loved the whole course and my VIP day with Chloe. 

The course modules are very in depth and you feel like you’re getting a really immersive learning experience. 

Getting to meet and watch Chloe in action and learn tricks and tips for perfect prep and application gave me so much confidence to get going.

What’s your favourite course?

Abi’s Abstract Tortie Mash Up – Tortie’s are something I loved seeing on instagram and always wondered how there were created, now I know!

What are your favourite kind of nails to do?

I love a nude with maybe a simple dot, heart or french tip.

Tell us about a holy grail product in your kit.

Apart from a Naturabuild, I love Naked By Sarah as a perfect nude or background colour.

If you could sum up The Nail Tech Org in just 3 words, what would they be?

Supportive, empowering and inspiring.

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