How To Get (And Stay) Organised As A Nail Tech

When it seems like there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to do your daily tasks and keep on top of life, getting and staying organised can often slip in a nail tech’s life.

With admin, finance tracking, client booking, supply shopping, and of course doing manicures taking up the majority of our days, it’s super, and we can’t stress this enough, super important to get (and stay) organised as a nail tech.

If you’re guilty of letting organisation take a back seat, or started the new year wanting to get organised but haven’t yet got round to it, we’re here to offload a little bit of that stress and introduce you to a few easy but impactful ways you can stay on top of your goals as a nail tech- and thrive in the process.

Using a diary

One step that cannot (!!!) be skipped as a nail tech is having a diary. Whether you like an online system for all your bookings and admin, or prefer the old school pen and paper method, there is no way you will be able to keep up with your busy schedule without one. Luckily, here at the NTO, we have just the solution for you. 

Imagine a planner designed exclusively for nail technicians; a special space to offload all of the craziness when there simply aren’t enough hours in the day… Meet the Nail Tech Org Life Planner.

Not only can this planner be used as a client appointment book or a personal diary, with a full double page breakdown for each day, but it will also quickly become your happy place; perfect for brain dumping, organising and dream catching.

Grab yours here:

Spring clean

It can be easy to overlook the physical ways to get organised when life can get busy, but keeping your space clean, organised, and easy to access will be your best friend, as a nail tech.

Take this as your sign from the universe to set aside an afternoon or a whole day to get organised with your supplies. A spring clean can take place any time of the year, and we reckon you might be in need of one.

Whether you work from home, in a salon or rent a room, start section by section and in no time- your space will feel a lot less hectic and a lot more zen. 

Try starting with your polishes, cleaning all of your bottles and colour coordinating them. Then move onto the rest of your supplies.

You can go as organised as you like with this one, do what works for you. Whether this is everything totally labelled and stored in separate organisers, or simply everything is where you know it is- a spring clean will be a godsend to settle your mind and make everyday that little bit easier.

Make a plan

If you are a go-with-the-flow kind of nail tech, we know this one might be a little hard to face, but try making a plan for the year.

To-do lists, monthly goals and even weekly goals, no matter how big or small your goals are, noting them down will help you visualise them and actually do them.

What’s more satisfying than ticking off a huge to-do list?

If you’re struggling with setting goals for the year, try setting yourself the goal of having a certain amount of clients in your books or even set yourself the goal of trying a certain product or a design you’ve been wanting to do. 

Weekly check in 

Being self employed, it can be hard to keep yourself accountable, but wow, it is so rewarding when you do.

Set yourself one day a week to reflect on the past 7 days and what you achieved. No matter how big or small they are, everything you do should be achieved and celebrated.

And think about how good you will feel at the end of the year when you read back on how much you have achieved.

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