10 Mob Wife Nails Designs To Take Inspo From

In your mob wife era? It’s official, clean girl is out (for now) and mob wife is in.

A trend all about maximalism, we’re talking the total opposite of our beloved clean girl and quiet luxury, vibes, and the same goes for nails. 

Over the top, dramatic and wealthy, the micro mob wife trend has crossed over to our nail world and it’s giving long, glossy and super glam.

When we think of mob wife in the nail space, we’re seeing nothing but long extensions, stiletto shapes, dark neutrals, cherry reds, an abundance of animal print, gold accents and more.

Ready to embrace the trend, but stuck for inspo?

Scroll to discover our favourite mob wife-inspired nail designs, that are totally Carmela Soprano-approved. 

If you’re looking for something super luxurious and expensive-looking (like a true mob wife), look no further than gold accents. A swirl of gold polish on a 3D manicure is perfect for recreating a look that oozes expensive vibes.

Finally, we’ve landed ourselves with a trend that celebrates animal print in all of its glory… There’s no true mob wife manicure without a sprinkle of animal print, and this cheetah design is no exception, we’re obsessed.

When it comes to mob wife nails, an abstract red is a must. We are obsessed with this negative space, red manicure, that encompasses the trend like no other.

When playing around with the mob wife trend, a dark neutral is an foolproof way to ease yourself in. A vampy, cherry red is a classic, and we’re loving it as part of this trend.

Long, glossy and metallic, this manicure screams mob wife. Short nail lovers, we’re sorry, it’s alllll long from here on out.

Matte or shiny top coat? You can do them both with this trend. We’re digging this mix n match burgundy design, that is totally giving expensive wife.

Who said animal print was soooo Y2K needs to get with the mob wife trend. Back and better than ever, this cheetah, zebra hybrid mani is a vibe.

This manicure is serving some serious mob wife vibes. A long stiletto shape and a red is all we need to nail the trend.

We already love tortie nails, so when we saw it as part of the mob wife trend, we were more than happy to take part. This abstract tortie manicure is a yes from us.

Long french tips and animal print are just two of the trends we’re seeing within the mob wife aesthetic. Combine them together and you’re onto a winner.

Just as obsessed as us? If you said yes, then what are you waiting for! It’s recreation time!

It’s time to dig out your favourite polishes and get started with your own nails and of course, your clients.

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