Meet Our Member Of The Month, @nails_by_kaylz

Here at the Nail Tech Org we are literally obsessed with our growing community of insanely talented nail technicians, from all around the world. Let us introduce you to our Member of the Month for February 2024….

Hello Kayleigh, from @nails_by_kaylz!

Tell us a little bit about you!

Hey! I’m Kayleigh, I’m an 32year old Virgo moon worshipper from a small costal town in Northumberland.

I love reading, spending time at the beach with my baby doggy Archie & traveling with my fiancé. 

How did you get into nails?

At the start of the Pandemic I couldn’t work as I was working freelance doing makeup, I’d mowed the lawn, planted 400 flowers & made 70 loafs of banana bread. I was so bored, and boredom and ADHD doesn’t go well. 

So I went on eBay and bought a set of gel polishes and some full cover nails… I used to paint nails with polish when I was younger so I thought I’d have a play with them. I was absolutely hooked from the first nail I painted.

I quickly started doing online masterclasses with Emily Meraki, Katie Alice and Alysha Nail Artist. 

After I’d done some painting practice I wanted to get stuck into the actual process of doing nails that’s where I stumbled upon Emma Jane Nails who trained me up. And the rest is history as they say!

What’s your fave thing about The Nail Tech Org?

I really love the sense of community, especially after attending MANI- Fest!

It’s nice to just have somewhere to come where you can ask for advice or vent and just know someone on there has been in that position and has some amazing advice for you.

That and all the information & tutorials, I’m such a geek so I love learning! 

What’s your favourite course you’ve done with us?

I’m about to start the expert experience and I’m absolutely loving how in depth it is! 

What are your favourite kind of nails to do?

Honestly I love it all arty or plain beautiful manis but my favourite part of every service is the prep. I’m so obsessed with a clean cuticle area and an amazing flawless application. 

Tell us about a holy grail product in your kit.

This has to be my OPI Repair Mode Bonding Serum & my Navy Helen nippers!

If you could sum up The Nail Tech Org in just 3 words, what would they be?

Supportive, positive & educational!

Interested in joining The Nail Tech Org and to be in with the chance of becoming our next member of the month?

Click here to learn more and make the best decision of your nail journey, you won’t regret it.

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