Life as a Nail Tech – Emma Jackson

A highlight of each and every month here at The Nail Tech Org, is the guest artists that grace our course library. We are lucky enough to receive training from some of the industry’s most talented and well known nail techs, and this month is no different!!

Hello @emmajacksonnailartist!

We are so excited to have you as our monthly guest! Firstly, we would love to know a little bit about you?

Hey, Thank you for having me! I’m super excited about the opportunity. 

I currently work from my Home Studio in Yorkshire, i’m a Manicurist specialising in Natural Nail Health. I’ve been in the industry for around 12 years now, the more time that passes the more i love it and I feel super lucky to be doing a job that i love. I have recently gained my teaching qualification and now offer Training Sessions and Masterclasses. 

Have you got a highlight to your career, if so what is it?

One career highlight that stands out to me is being recognised by the brands you love and work with every day. For me, being asked to become an Educator for Navy Professional was a huge highlight along with the opportunities that came with it and I’ll be forever grateful for that. 

Holding my very own Masterclass was another highlight, i never for one minute thought i would be able to do something like that let alone host my own with a group of people attending. 

Have you ever offered any other nail treatments and if so, what made you focus on natural gel nails?

I have previously offered all other aspects of Nail Enhancements including Acrylic Extensions. It was never really something I loved, purely down to personal preference however there was always a demand for it which is why I found myself offering the service.

Eventually I was lucky enough to be able to choose how I wanted to continue with my career and that was to follow my passion and specialise in Natural Nail Health, the rest is history. 

Your French manicure is absolutely flawless, what is your secret? We are obsessed!What are your favourite kind of nails to do?

Check out my latest tutorial over on The Nail Tech Org, for all things french manicure. All I will say is, Bio Sculpture Upper Arch Brush; game changer! 

You have been in the industry for some time now, what is it that you love about the nail world?

I love the opportunities that come with working in our industry. There are so many paths to take. I think thats one thing I love, it’s not the same thing day in day out. You never know where you will end up.

I never thought I would be in a position to be doing this guest feature right now let alone running my own training courses. 

Do you set yourself monthly or yearly goals, if so what are yours for this year?

I actually don’t set myself monthly/yearly goals, maybe I need to start? I just try to ensure I keep on moving and see where I end up! 

What do you do in your spare time apart from doing nails?

Spare time, whats that?! Haha. Alongside trying to run a business I have 2 young children so they take up pretty much all of my time, most weekends we do family things.

We love to go walking and visiting beautiful places being outdoors. Pre covid we used travel a-lot, so I’m hoping we can get back to some sort of normal and start travelling again soon. 

If you could tell yourself as a beginner something.. what would it be?

One thing that somebody once said to me when I was a beginner ‘never stop learning’ even now I will never stop taking courses to further my education and knowledge. I would say the same to anybody, there’s always room for growth. 

As cliche as it sounds I would say that good things take time, keep working hard, stick at it and good things will come in time. 

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