Introduction to Glossify!

Can you give us an introduction to yourselves and your background in the industry?

Hi! We are Katie and Kirsty and we are the owners of Glossify. Between us we have over 20 years experience in the beauty industry. I have been a nail tech for 18 years and Katie a multiple business owner including a salon.

What motivated you to start glossify?

Using nail products every day ourselves, we couldn’t quite find a brand that had everything we were looking for and so Glossify was born, it’s really as simple as that.

How do you find working as a partnership? Are you very different or alike?

We were friends before so we get on really well. We’re both the same in the fact that we have an enormous amount of drive, running a brand is a 24/7 job for sure. Our other qualities really complement each other so it just works.

What can we expect to see next from Glossify?

We have lots in the pipeline but our lips are sealed…… watch this space, rest assured we are making sure everything we bring is the best for our lovely customers.

Where do you find inspiration for collections and packaging?

That’s a tough one to answer really, in terms of packaging it’s honestly just a merge of all of the inspirations we have had over the years from fashion to make up etc, as well as our own creativity in the mix to form the end result. Collections, well we are trying to add core colours to our range without releasing all of the colours at once so that’s our main focus for now, we want to ensure our customers have a broad range to choose from without having 100’s released in our first year, at the same time trying to keep it different with our own experience in the industry and amazing quality.

How important has social media been to your business? 

Social media is so important these days. People spend hours every day scrolling though Instagram/Facebook and it’s tailored to what you are interested in. It’s a great way for a small businesses to connect with their customers and build a relationship. Many businesses foundations are built by social media it’s a super important aspect of our brand, even if it’s a simple message that shows we are here.

What is next for your business through 2020 and beyond?

Well this year is nearly over and I think we’ll be glad to see that back of it as an industry won’t we! Next year we hope we can resume some normality and get back to all the amazing things the beauty industry has to offer and really get our teeth into things! We have many exciting things to come.

What would you say your biggest challenge has been since creating Glossify, and how did you overcome it?

Well, this is obvious, its Coronavirus! We have been pretty much born during this pandemic and we have not been able to have any face to face contact with our customers, not even our ambassadors. Roll on when we can meet as a whole team!! Events and such like is in our DNA so it’s been devastating we haven’t been able to do launches as planned! Watch this space!!!

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