How To Use Hashtags On Social Media as a Nail Tech

If you’re new to the Instagram game or just trying to level up, we know you will have thought about hashtags. If you didn’t know, a hashtag is a combination of letters, numbers, and/or emojis in front of the # symbol, viola- hashtag!

They are often used to categorize content and make it more discoverable, which is one of our main goals as nail techs. Discoverable = potentially more bums in seats.

Using hashtags is an important way to expand your Instagram audience, and then potentially your client list, and let more users see your content. When you use a hashtag, your post will appear on the clickable page for that hashtag, which users can look through when searching, or even follow, meaning they could see your hash tagged post before they even follow you, win-win!

They are a fabulous way to build an online community, boost your presence, and find link-minded people, that are going to engage with your page and then maybe book in for your services.

When it comes to how many hashtags you should use when posting on Instagram, there really are so many opinions out there. A popular hashtag may mean a lot of people follow it, but it’s more than likely to get lost in the hashtag page, so not a lot of people will actually see it and engage with it.

Instagram actually suggests using a combo of popular and niche hashtags, to help you reach a bunch of different audiences, from mainstream to super specific.

Now you know all the facts, let’s get into what this means for us nail techs.


One of our top tips for hash tagging on Insta is to always hashtag the colour and brand you are using, so when users are searching for what this colour looks like in real life, your content will come up. FYI, this is also a great tip for when you’re undecided on a polish colour, simply search the hashtag for it on Insta and you will see what it looks like on real people, not just an edited, studio shot from the brand.


We recommend always hash tagging the location that you work in. And no we don’t mean your full address and postcode, simply the area will do. So if you work in Manchester, try hash tagging things like #manchesternailtech or #manchesternails. Potential future customers may search this hashtag to find a new nail tech, and there you will be on the page, waiting for them!


With the rest of your hashtags, feel free to use any you like. Use ones like #nailtech #nails #gelnails etc, but also switch them up depending on what content you are posting, the season you are in, the theme of your nails. Literally use anything relevant that you think users might be searching for.

Another tip we have for hashtags is to save your regular ones that you use in your notes! This way you can simply copy and paste them into your caption, and add on your specific extra ones if and when needed.

At the end of the day, try not to get down about the nitty gritty of Instagram, unfortunately, the key to success on the app lies in being consistent and active, not necessarily the use of hashtags (although it can definitely help you get seen).

The most important thing is if you have clients in your chair, so try and see Instagram as a way of showcasing your work, like a portfolio.

Don’t worry too much about the likes and engagement as this doesn’t equal clients which is where you’re going to earn your money, it will progress naturally! You’ve got this.

P.s. always use #thenailtechorg, it’s the best hashtag on Instagram.

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