7 Steps To Take Your Nail Business To The Next Level

Picture this. You’re writing your new years resolutions out for the next year, and one takes number one spot. You’re looking to take your nail business to the next level.

Maybe you’ve been a nail technician as a side hustle and want to take it full time, or maybe you’re already full time but want to upgrade the services you offer on every possible level.

We’ve spoken about ways to elevate your manicure services right here, and how to make your business stand up right here, but right now- it’s levelling up time.

Whatever your circumstance, there’s never a bad time to take things to the next level, and we’ve got all the tips right here to help you catapult your business into success…

Customer service is key

As a profession that works directly with the general public, it is SO key to always provide excellent customer service as a nail technician. Being friendly, attentive and professional is your one way ticket to get clients coming back and referring you to friends. Repeat business is extremely important in this industry, so the impression you give off during EVERY single interaction, whether it be in person or on social media, must be your best, no matter how you’re really feeling.

Take advanced training

Investing your time into learning new trends and techniques with online and in-person nail courses will reap so many benefits. Whether it’s an in-person course to perfect your builder gel application, an e-file training course, or a 5 minute online tutorial on how to create the perfect French, every minute you spend putting time into your skills and business will come back to you in better ways. 

Network with other professionals

Whether it’s an online nail art community (cough cough, the Nail Tech Org) or putting the time in to connect with others on social media, sharing knowledge with other professionals will take you a long way and help you make like-minded friends along the way!

Offer a wider range of services

If you’re seeking something totally new, try expanding beyond nails and get yourself trained to deliver other aesthetic services like brows, lashes, waxing or makeup. Whether you’re learning it yourself or buddying up with another professional, offering joint services will allow your clients to tick off their monthly self-care appointments in one go, making them come to you for everything, instead of visiting multiple salons.

Invest in yourself

From high quality tools and polishes, to a new professional logo and work outfit, investing in yourself and therefore the services you provide will ensure that your clients receive the best possible service. Not sure what tools you need to need to invest in? Read here to learn how to choose the best supplies.

Never stop learning

A good tech knows that there’s always more to learn. An attitude of never staying still or becoming complacent, in addition to always willing to learn and take constructive criticism, will take you a long way.

Join the Nail Tech Org

The easiest way to seriously level up your nail tech business is closer than you thought… Becoming a member of the Nail Tech Org will you give you all the support, teaching, and community you need to level up. No matter what area you want to develop, we’ve got something to help.

Ready to become a member of the Nail Tech Org? Click here to learn more, you won’t regret it.

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