How To Create Longer Lasting Nail Treatments

After spending our valuable time creating the perfect manicure, the last thing we want is for it to last only a day, resulting in an unhappy client, and frustrated nail tech. It happens to us all, don’t worry, but it’s how we tackle the problem that is important.

How to create a longer lasting nail treatment is a question we all ask ourselves from time to time. Our confidence has been knocked and we find ourselves frantically googling, and posting in group chats, the very same question.

Want to know how to create longer lasting manicures, and we’re talking about the advice that actually works?

Scroll to discover our top tips.

Proper Nail Preparation

It’s no secret that the key to a long-lasting manicure all lies in the prep.

Slacking on this step but perfecting the rest is simply going to be a waste of your time, so make sure you are following your systems prep from start to finish. No cutting corners here.

Make sure you are thoroughly cleaning and prepping the nails, creating the perfect clean canvas for your treatment.

Also, having clean brushes and tools can make or break your whole manicure process, so make sure you are keeping everything tidy and clean.

Dehydrating & Priming

A step that should never be overlooked in your manicure treatments is dehydrating and priming the nail.

After shaping, buffing, etching, and prepping the nails, you should always be using some kind of dehydrator or primer to prep the nails further.

This step removes any excess oils from the nail plate, oils that would interfere with the application process, if not removed.

Quality products

Choosing the right products is another aspect of your treatments that needs to be taken seriously.

You need to think of your treatments, and business, as an investment. What you put in, you will get back.

So, choosing products and tools with a reputation for quality is the best way to go.

Wanna know more? We’ve gone over how to choose the best nail art supplies for your needs right here.

Educate Your Clients

One of the biggest causes of nail treatments not lasting as long as they should actually lies with our clients.

Now we’re not trying to shift the blame, but sometimes it genuinely is nothing to do with us and our skills, and just down to them ignoring advice, or just a lack of education.

We can get around this by advising our clients on the proper aftercare to follow; oiling cuticles daily, avoiding harsh chemicals without using gloves, not using their nails to pick at things and so on.

Book In Touch Ups

Nail treatments are often cut short due to the length of time they have been on the nails.

Some of our clients may experience better retention with certain products, and some may experience lifting and chips more than others.

Make sure you are encouraging your clients to schedule regular maintenance appointments or touch-ups to address any chips, scuffs, or lifting.

This way, we can nip the problem in the bud, avoid any nail damage, and lengthen the time of their manicure.

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