How Long Does It Take To Complete A Nail Art Course?

nail art course

Ready to become a nail tech but wondering how long the training process takes?

Whatever your current availability to complete the course, flexibility in terms of location and time, or preference, there’s a nail course suited to every need out there, and we’ve here to cover all the possible scenarios.

Whether you can dedicate one hour or 20 per week, there are an abundance of courses available both online or in person, that can accommodate to your specific needs.

Meaning you can start (and successfully) finish your nail tech journey at your own pace. Win-win!

The duration, and therefore successful finish of a nail art course can be as much as you want to put into it, and involves the following factors…

Online or in-person

Choosing to do your training online or in person is a huge decider in how much time it will take up.

With in-person training you need to factor in transport to and from your educator, breaks in between sessions and less flexibility in terms of being able to learn after your current job (if you’re a beginner) or around your current salon time (if you’re already a nail tech).

Taking an online course would be a great option for those already busy with life, to fit it into your current schedule, and really learn on your own time.

If you have all the time to put into becoming a nail tech (lucky you!), then an in-person course could work for you.

Here at the Nail Tech Org, we offer a mix of both.

Beginner or advanced

A course covering the basics or a smaller topic (e.g. how to perform a single technique) will be fairly quicker than a broader or more advanced course.

So, the level and depth of course will affect the time it will take to finish it. Some more advanced courses, like our Exclusive Gel Journey will give you as much time as you need to be prepared and confident in your skill, so don’t worry that you won’t finish these on time.

Here at the Nail Tech Org, your learning is on your own terms.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an OG nail tech wanting to perfect your nail art skills, there are a huge pool of courses available with the click of the button, at the Nail Tech Org.

Your schedule

Some course structures let you learn at your own pace, so you get to determine how long it takes, as you fit it into your schedule.

This is a great option for those who already have a full time career, so you can hustle on the side to perfect or learn a new skill.

Starting your career or just want to level up in the nail industry? Browse our courses right here.

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