How To Pick The Perfect Nail Shape

Ready for your next manicure but not sure what shape to opt for? You’re in the right place. For most of us, once we find a shape that works, we will stick to it til the day we die. But getting to this stage can often be a trial-and-error type process. 

Ready to find out what nail shape you should opt for, or recommend to your clients, based on your nail bed shape, length or even personality? Keep scrollin’.


Introducing the feminine and classy one, the oval nail. Ideal for shorter fingers or shorter hands with wider nail beds, this classic nail shape will give you that illusion of length. You’re welcome in advance.

Perfect for: Shorter fingers or wide nail beds

Perks: Makes your fingers look slimmer and hands look longer 


If you’re in the mood for something tidy and elegant, round nails are your go-to. This shape is the winner for shorter fingers with shorter nail beds, and will let them grow long and strong, a as nails with this shape are less likely to break, says Ava Shamban, M.D.

Perfect for: Short fingers with short or narrow nail beds

Perks: Nails look elongated and are less likely to break


Stylish, clean-cut and low-maintenance, it’s time to say hello to square. Perfect for all nail lengths, this shape looks great on everyone- and oh-so clean.

Perfect for: Long fingers and narrow nail beds

Perks: Looks great on all nail lengths and doesn’t take a lot to maintain


If you can’t decide between an oval or square shape, you literally don’t have to. Let us introduce you to squoval. This classic, natural and suits-all shape is a common favourite. It combines everything we love about both square and oval nails- what’s not to love?

Perfect for: Wide and long nail beds on any length of finger

Perks: Looks super natural


Chic, glamorous and high-maintenance nails start with a coffin shape. Best suited to extensions, this shape is perfect for all the long nail lovers. 

Perfect for: Long nails with narrow nail beds or extensions

Perks: Everyone’s going to be asking you where you got your nails done


If you’re into the loud, statement-making and high-maintenance vibe, then stiletto nails are for you. Although not the most practical, these nails know how to bring the drama.

Perfect for: Nail extensions or long and narrow natural nails

Perks: Elongates the look of hands and makes a statement


Glam, chic and feminine, of course we’re talking about almond nails. Slightly narrower and with a more defined tip that oval nails, this shape is a big vibe for both long or short fingers.

Perfect for: Long or short finers with narrow and long nail beds

Perks: Makes your hands look longer and more slender

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