Are Free Nail Courses Worth It?

When seeking out or stumbling across free nail courses, you need to assess where you are in your own nail journey- to determine if they will be worth it. Although FREE sounds like a great deal, what you are actually receiving during the course needs to be assessed.

Get your thinking caps on, because we’re going to take you through it all to see if these magical & free courses are going to be worth your time, energy and effort, or whether it’s better to just bite the bullet, invest in your journey and pay for a nail course instead.

What’s covered in a free nail art course?

As broad as it may sound, there are tonnes of topics that can be covered in a free nail art course.

From ones that promise to have you 100% qualified at the end of them (steer clear) to those detailed nail-art tutorials from your favourite nail tech on Instagram, it’s important to understand the content, length and platform of the course before investing your time and completing it or leaving it and opting for another route.

If you’re a total beginner coming across a detailed (but free) nail art course on your favourite nail tech’s profile on Instagram, it’s probably not going to be as beneficial as it would be to an experienced tech looking to broaden their skills. Short, sweet and free courses like these are definitely fun to do as trends roll around and our community offers advice, but these should only be taken for what they are- additional extras to have fun with.

When we’re talking about nail courses, we’re usually referring to those who promise to have you qualified by the end of it. The free ones that are usually hosted online often come with zero communication with any real people, and yes, it might give you the most basic information, but as we always say, what you invest in you’ll get back.

Investing in yourself and your training as a nail tech is the absolute number one step you need to make in your journey. Your training and knowledge are the building blocks of your whole business, and it should be taken seriously- if you want to succeed and grow as a nail technician.

What are the limitations of free nail courses?

Free nail courses are 99.99% most likely going to be online only, meaning you will have no opportunity, or requirement to get hands-on experience, which we all know is super important when practising your skills as a new nail tech.

Along with this, you will also usually gain no qualification at the end of the course, leading to a whole host of issues like not qualifying for insurance, not being able to buy salon-grade products and so much more.

The fact that the course is free is also a good indicator of the amount of support that will also come with it, you’ll most likely be getting less support and feedback in the process, which might lead you to becoming confused during the course- unable to actually turn to anyone for help.

Doesn’t sound so magical anymore does it?

Are paid nail art courses worth it?

We get it, choosing to do a free nail course is usually down to the topic of spending money.

You may be trying to avoid an initial big cost – but the support and advanced techniques a paid course offers is worth the investment- if you are trying to become a professional nail technician, and guess what? From the skills you learn on your paid course, you will easily make the money back, and even more on top of that!

Whether you are right at the beginning of your career, or you have been nail-ing for years, our courses here at The Nail Tech Org are designed to empower you with all of the expert knowledge you need to move through the industry in a prepared and powerful way.

Whether you’re a total beginner, or a veteran looking to refresh your skills, looking for some extra hands-on experience or prefer to complete the majority of your training online- we’ve got a course for you- that’s totally worth the price.

Ready to invest in yourself and take the next step? Click the button below.

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